As the motor industry moves at a rapid rate towards Hybrid & Electric vehicles, its key that whoever repairs these types of vehicles has the knowledge to repair them as safely as possible and minimise any risk to damaging the car’s complex systems.

  • Why are Hybrid & EV cars so dangerous? – As an object they are no more dangerous than an ordinary car, however when it comes to working on them it is important that the high voltage system is disabled to prevent risk of shock or damage to any of the components. On some panel repairs we use equipment that earths onto the car in order to create a weld for pulling dents out, therefore the system needs to be run down to protect it.


  • What equipment and know how do you have to repair my car? – We recently invested in extra tooling to enable us to undertake the task of disabling the high voltage system as safely as possible, such as insulated socket sets, specially designed multi meter’s and PPE. Our Head Office has also been teaming up with third parties in the forefront of this sector in the industry to provide the network with method statements specific to the various models that incorporate this technology in order for us to repair them safely.


  • Will this affect the time it takes to repair my vehicle? – Yes, is the short answer. Although each vehicle is different, extra time to allow for the high voltage system to be disabled will be added to the repair. For smaller repairs such as bumper scuffs, it is unlikely this we will need to do this process.

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